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Private Reserves for Sustainable Development

In 2010, the Amazonas State government created an environmental law that provides property owners with mechanisms to convert these properties into Private Reserves for Sustainable Development (RPDS).

An RPDS is administered through the elaboration, implementation, and monitoring of a Reserve Management Plan. In transforming private property into Private Reserves for Sustainable Development, the owner becomes responsible for the maintenance, monitoring, elaboration, implementation and management of programs and projects presented in the Management Plan for the remainder of his or her lifetime.

EBCF’s field of expertise is precisely the transformation of these properties into RPDS and the subsequent implementation of the programs and projects presented in the Reserve Management Plans, seeking to preserve that native rainforests, protect biodiversity, promote sustainable development in traditional communities and drive CO2 emission reduction. Communities achieve social gains derived from income generation for families under projects and social programs outlined in the Management Plans, specifically in the areas of health, education, and sanitation to better provide for basic needs.

Sustainable businesses are implemented through an efficient, transparent fundraising system, capable of attracting investors for the various programs and projects. Medium and long-term economic gains of local communities in terms of improved quality of life, as well as of proprietors in terms of continuous investments, derive foremost from the construction of non-timber forest production chains for goods with both cultural identity and certified origin.

These initiatives depend on the support and partnership of the private sector, which can add value to non-timber forestry products and bring them to more consolidated and demanding markets, including domestic and international industries.

Amazonian Reserves

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Yerbalatina Global Sustainability Program

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Belfort Amazonian Sustainable Reserve

Sponsored Reserves BELFORT AMAZONIAN SUSTAINABLE RESERVE Vitor Belfort is a UFC World Champion mixed martial artist, and native of Brazil. Today, he is fighting for ...
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Sinerga Amazonian Sustainable Reserve

Sinerga is a leading Italian cosmetic laboratory that offers a full range of solutions for the research & development, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of cosmetics, ...
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Hyundai Group Sustainable Private Reserve

Partners Sustainable Private Reserve HYUNDAI GROUP AMAZONIAN SUSTAINABLE RESERVE Hyundai Group is a South Korean conglomerate (Chaebol) founded by Chung Ju-yung. The first company in ...
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